Family Currents


Morris's descendants

Barry Levy

Contact:  barry@thelevys.com

 Barry Levy (son of Mollye and Bill), not yet three when his father died, does not remember Bill but treasures his pocket watches, given to him by his mother when he was old enough to appreciate them. Barry considered his uncle Leonard a role model and mentor, and for about ten years, from the time he was twelve, he held various part-time jobs at L&L. At one time or another, he stacked boxes, killed flies, placed large paper bags into wooden barrels and worked on the production line. And occasionally he took a nap in the area where the boxes were stored.

 Today, he and Mort and their Cousins, Harvey and Barry Lezak are partners in Moo & Oink, a successful, three-store retail meat business catering to the ethnic market on Chicago's south and west sides. Moo & Oink traces its origin to Calumet Wholesale Meat Co. at 35th Street and Calumet Avenue, which had been owned by Joe Lezak.

 Barry and his wife, Merle (Fisher), live in Northbrook, Illinois, and are the parents of three children. Mike is a business student attending the University of Wisconsin (class of 1998); Rob, also a college student, was editor of the student newspaper at Glenbrook North High School and president of the school's chapter of the National Honor Society; and Mollye Ann is in junior high.

 Elliot Levy

 Elliot Levy (son of Mollye and Bill), spent several years in the meat business in Chicago, first at L&L Provisions, then with his great-uncle Joe Lezak, and later with his brothers, Mort and Barry, and cousins Harvey and Barry Lezak. Currently Elliot lives in New Mexico, where he is engaged in several different business enterprises. He and Jan Fisher had two sons, Gary and Michael (Mickey), before they divorced. Gary attended Indiana University, receiving a degree in accounting. Mickey, also an IU graduate, lives in Los Angeles and is an aspiring film producer and director. Elliot subsequently was married to and divorced from Pamela Shevin. Their daughter, Stacey, is a student at the University of Illinois, class of 2000. His marriage to Linda Hansen also ended in divorce.

 Jason Bank

 Jason Bank (son of Judi and Sandy) also trades commodities at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and resides in Chicago.

 Judi Bank

 Judi Bank (daughter of Leonard and Gladys Lezak) is a clinical social worker in private practice in Chicago. She is married to Sandy Bank, who is employed by L&L Packing Company.

 Kenneth Bank

 Kenneth Bank (son of Judi and Sandy) is a commodities trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Kenny and his wife, Carla, live in Chicago.

 Maurice Solodky

 Maurice Lezak Solodky (son of Nathan and Ruth Lezak Solodky), a clinical psychologist, and his wife, Sheryl (Coddington), a nurse, are the parents of Marc and Jeffrey. They make their home in Oak Park.

 Morton Levy

 Morton Levy (son of Mollye and Bill) and his wife, Karen (Pearl) divide their time between a home in Deerfield, Illinois, and an apartment on Chicago's lakefront. They are the parents of four children, all of whom attended the University of Illinois. Their son, Randy, lives in California, where he runs A-Link, a company providing Internet access. Daughter Wendy, who lives in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, works in the field of human resources; Lara is a social worker with the Glenview (Illinois) School District; and Michelle studied food and Business at the U of I, class of 1997.

 Rebecca Kosh

 Rebecca Kosh (daughter of Alan and Merle Lezak) is an alumna of the University of Illinois, where she met her husband, Adam. He also is a graduate of the U of I Law School and practiced with the Chicago firm of Winston and Strawn before joining his father, Donald, in business. Becky, who operates a customized gift basket business with a friend, honed her food service marketing skills in the Epicurean Department on Neiman Marcus Before retiring to Become a full-time mom to Amanda Lindsay and Gabrielle Paige.

 Sandra Solodky

 Sandra Solodky (daughter of Nathan and Ruth Lezak Solodky) is married to Larry Foreman. (see "Max's descendants.")

Max's descendants

 Jack Foreman

 Jack Foreman (son of Ruby and Ed) lives in Chicago's Lincoln Park area. A graduate of Northwestern University and Loyola University, where he earned an MBA, he is in the automobile muffler business.

 Jane Owens

 Jane Owens (daughter of Robert and Dorcas Lezak) is a teacher, married to Steven Owens. They live in the Chicago area with their children, Sean and Kyle.

 Janice Estep

 Janice Estep (daughter of Ruby and Ed) and her husband, David Estep, live in the Chicago area with their children, Daniel, Todd and Emily.

 Larry Foreman

 Larry Foreman (son of Ruby and Ed) is married to Sandy Solodky, the daughter of Morris's daughter Ruth. They knew one another casually at the University of Illinois and met again when Sandy, who was trying to learn more about her late mother, visited Ruby and Ed at their home in Morton Grove. Larry and Sandy live in Deerfield, Illinois, with their children, Maxwell, Katherine, Ethan and Stephanie. He is an alumnus of the University of Illinois and, like his brother, is in the automobile muffler business in the Chicago area.

Ben's descendants

 Alice Berg

 Alice Berg (daughter of Millie and Shelly) lives in Glenview, Illinois. A single parent for many years, she has two daughters, Amy and Stacy Krugman, both of whom attended Oakton Community College. Stacy was born on the same day as Bonnie's daughter, Joanna. Millie still enjoys telling of accompanying her two very pregnant daughters to Michael Reese Hospital and then shuttling nervously between labor rooms in the hours before Stacy and Joanna were delivered.

 Arlene Sugar

 Arlene Sugar (daughter of Meyer and Mary) and her husband, Mel Sugar, reside in Skokie, Illinois. Their son, Michael, a 1996 graduate of Northern Illinois University, is a specialist in office information management systems. Daughter Samantha attends National Louis University in Evanston and plans to become a teacher.

 Barbara Kaplan

 Barbara Kaplan (daughter of Albert and Annie Lezak) lives in Waukegan with her husband, Al Kaplan. Previously she was married to Donald Aschermann. For several years, Barbara worked for the Cooperative Extension Service of the University of Illinois and with Chicago's Council for Jewish Elderly.

 Bonnie Feinberg

 Bonnie Feinberg (daughter of Millie Lezak Berg Weinberg and Shelly Berg) and her husband, Dennis, an attorney, live in Skokie, Illinois. Their eldest child, Jennifer, is a teacher; son David is an aspiring screenwriter in California; and daughter Joanna is an undergraduate at the University of Iowa.

 David Aschermann

 David Aschermann (son of Barbara Kaplan and Donald Aschermann), is a chemist with a degree from Northeastern Illinois University. Barbara describes him as "even-tempered and sociable like his grandfather Albert." David and his wife, Lisa (Spalding), and their sons, Daniel and Matthew, live in Round Lake Park, Illinois.

 Dawn Falls

 Dawn Falls (daughter of Barbara Kaplan and Donald Aschermann) lives in Gurnee, Illinois with her husband, Michael Falls, and their children, Michael and Gennifer. Originally a journalism student at the University of Illinois/Chicago, Dawn became interested in medicine when her infant son was ill. She returned to school to become a registered nurse, and now works for a hospice in Lake County, Illinois.

 Her grandmother, Annie Lezak (Albert's widow), lives with Dawn and Michael, and is known affectionately to everyone in the neighborhood as "Bubbe." By being there to welcome the children home from school, cheer enthusiastically at ball games, and otherwise help to keep the household running smoothly, Annie enables Dawn to work full time at nursing.

 Debra Davis

 Debra Davis (daughter of Millie and Shelly), is a 6th grade teacher of Math and Science in the Waukegan, Illinois, School System. She finished her Master's degree in Teaching from National-Louis University in 2005. After which she began teaching 6th grade in Waukegan. Her sons, Joshua and Ross are currently finishing their college education locally in Chicago. Robert is still selling Chicago Souvenirs.

 Ellen Schatz

 Ellen Schatz (daughter of Millie and Shelly) and her husband, Barry, are the parents of Lora, a student at Loyola University, Chicago, and Jonathan, who attends Francis Parker School. Barry is an attorney in Chicago, where they reside. 

 Gloria Chapman

 Gloria Chapman (daughter of Vera and Irv) and her husband, Rick Chapman, live in Vernon Hills, Illinois, with their son, Jonathon. Rick owns Chapman's Home Maintenance Co., a contracting business.

 Linda Okum

 Linda Okum (daughter of Albert and Annie Lezak) lives in Las Vegas, where she is engaged in real estate. Now divorced, she was married to Fred Okum and previously lived in Southern California. Their daughter, Christy, attended Babson College in Massachusetts.

 Marsha Silver

 Marsha silver (daughter of Vera and Irv Fox) is married to Sandy Silver, an option trader. They live in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Their son, Jeremy, an attorney, married Kathryn Moss, an audiologist, in 1996; they reside in Buffalo Grove. Their daughter, Jessica, an accountant, is a graduate student at DePaul University and lives in Chicago.

Manny's descendants

 Clarinda Mac Low

 Clarinda Mac Low (daughter of Iris Lezak and Jackson Mac Low) attended Wesleyan University in Connecticut and now lives on Manhattan's Lower East Side , where she balances several diverse career interests. A biochemist working in the field of AIDS research, she also is actively involved in the arts as a choreographer, dancer and writer. as a dancer, she has toured the United States, taught workshops in Now York City, and presented her work in Spain and Holland. Clarinda has taught dance in both Holland and Germany, through the European Dance Development Center. She also is the co-founder and co-editor of JUICE, an alternative performance journal.

 Leza Shallat

 Leza Shallat (daughter of Rozelle and Mo Shallat), is a journalist in Latin America, where she has lived since the 1970s. She has written extensively on women's health, human rights and development issues. Her daughter Celia (born 1986 and named after Celia Lezak, her grandmother, ) and her son Tito (born 1992) both grew up in Chile and have now both moved to Portland, Oregon to study and work.

 Mordechai-Mark Mac Low

 Mordechai-Mark Mac Low (son of Iris Lezak and Jackson Mac Low) is a computational astrophysicist and an authority on the planet Jupiter. Put simply, he explains, he studies explosions in the galaxy in an effort to better understand  the origins of the solar system. While doing post-graduate work at the University of Chicago, he and  a colleague were instrumental in introducing  DuSable High School students to the Internet and bringing the school online. They also received a grant from NASA to fund a summer program designed to teach astronomy to DuSable students. In 1995 he accepted a five-year research appointment to the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg, Germany.

 Todd Arkin Shallat

 Todd Arkin Shallat (son of Roselle and Moe), who has always been known in the family as Arky, is a professor of history at Idaho's boise State University. He lives in Boise with his wife, Nancy (Heinrichs), and son, Anthony. Arky is highly regarded as an expert in the politics of federal engineering and technology and , in 1996, was named on of "Idaho's Finest" by the Travel Writers of America and the Idaho Governor's Office.

Sylvia's descendants

 Elana Teplitz

 Elana Teplitz (daughter of Harold and Dvora), attended the University of Illinois/Chicago and is a registered dietician. Her husband, Allen Teplitz, an accountant, works with Harold  in addition to managing a condominium association. They live in Buffalo Grove, Illinois with their daughter, Rebecca.

 Melissa Amato

Melissa Amato (daughter of Harold and Dvora), an occupational therapist, is married to Gary Amato, a police officer in Niles, Illinois, where they live with their son, Nicholas.

 Robert Goldberg

 Robert Goldberg (son of Harold and Dvora Goldberg), attended Illinois State University and is an accountant in the Chicago area. He and his wife, Lisa (Polakoff) have two sons, Jake and Samuel.

Nate's descendants

 Jeremy Mason Cooper and Adam Jay Cooper

 Jeremy Mason Cooper and Adam Jay Cooper (Bobette's step-sons and Leon's sons) also live in Los Angeles. Jeremy has completed his college education and is considering a career in architecture. Adam, a certified public accountant, works for Ernst and Young in Century City.

 Nicole Cooper

 Nicole Cooper (daughter of Bobette and Leon), a student at Milken community High School in Canoga Park,California, is interested in sports, especially skiing, tennis and swimming, loves music, and aspires to become a teacher. Bobbie, recalling that she was  dubbed "the nickel baby" at birth because Marvin and Danny waited near the pay phone in their home with a roll of nickels to notify the relatives, presented Marvin with a roll of dimes when Nicole was born and told him to figure out the connection. It must be a sign of inflation that Nicole became known as "the quarter baby."

Joe's descendants

 Cynthia Pechter

 Cynthia Pechter (daughter of Bernard and Merle Lezak Kramer) lives in Skokie wit her husband, Michael, a Skokie police officer, and their sons, Brett and Scott. Cynthia has a degree in business works as a sales coordinator for a computer leasing company.

David Kramer

 David Kramer (son of Bernard and Merle), a University of Illinois alumnus, has an engineering degree as well as a real estate license. He is a mortgage broker and a computer consultant.

Debra Lome/Everson

 Debra Lome/Everson (daughter of Shirley Lezak and Bernard Lome), a registered nurse in the Air force Reserve, lives in Seattle. She enjoys hiking, has traveled extensively in Third world countries, and is very committed to the development of special projects to Native American health issues.

 Kristin Everson

 Kristin Everson (daughter of Shirley Lezak and Briggs Everson) lives in Seattle, where she is a graphic arts student.

 Steven Lome

 Steven Lome (son of Shirley Lezak and Bernard Lome) lives Chicago. A real estate developer, he builds affordable housing and does extensive residential remodeling for persons with disabilities. Steven compiled and edited After All These Years, the memoir dictated by Joe and Marie, which was published for the family on the occasion of Joe's eighty-fifth birthday. He and his sisters, Deb and Kristin, produced Tzadeket, a special book honoring their grandmother, Marie on her 90th birthday in March 1998.

Brandon (Randy) Levy

Contact:  randy@thelevys.com

 Randy lives in Sunnyvale, California, where he runs A-Link, a company providing Internet access.

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